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Services After Graduation

Technical Editing Service

Many of my clients go on to become professors, researchers, or consultants or work in other positions requiring professional, error-free writing. I have 8+ years' experience doing technical editing for professors and professionals who need to publish and write clean, precise copy. More information and work samples are available on my editing website.

CV Editing, Critiques, and Formatting

CV Editing and Development. In addition to proofreading, I also provide comments on the word choice, presentation, prominence of ideas, and other issues. I have worked two years in the area of employment and have been editing professional correspondence for years, both of which have given me useful insight on preparing an effective CV or resume. I am also skilled at making unique, professional CV designs if you are interested in formatting. I charge based on the project for these services, so if you are interested please contact me and I can provide you with a quote tailored to your needs.

Academic Writing Coaching

If writing is a part of your educational or professional future and you struggle, please contact me and we can arrange for private writing lessons tailored to your needs (either in person or via video conferences). I offer this service to individuals who write English as their native language and those who write English as a second or foreign language. In the meantime, feel free to sign up for my academic-writing tips via e-mail and check out my online academic-writing tutorials.

Spanish to English Translations

With the growing diversity in the United States, the need for translations is increasing as well. I offer translations from Spanish to English for a variety of documents at a reasonable rate. Please see for more information.