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Services for Professors, Researchers, and Scholars

Technical Editing Service

I have 8+ years experience as an academic editor. I mostly edit scholarly journal articles, grant proposals, tenure applications, and journal reviews, letters of recommendation, and professional correspondence for professors who need to publish or perish. Please see my academic editing website for more information.

Academic Writing Workshops & Guest Speaker

I am available to visit your class to give a lecture on writing in APA style or to hold one-time or ongoing writing workshops for your students. This would be a unique service and would not duplicate services provided by your university's writing center. If your students tend to struggle with clarity of thought, logical transitions of ideas, conciseness, specificity, basic mechanics, or other issues, please give me a call at (856) 831-5887 and we can discuss what would be most beneficial for them. In some cases I am able to travel, and in other cases we can arrange for live webinar workshops.

Customized Academic Writing Lessons

I am also able to create customized articles and video lessons for issues that your students particularly struggle with. I have several up on my academic writing website. If there is something you would like for your students, please feel free to contact me.

Spanish to English Translations

If you need survey materials or other documents translated from Spanish to English, please visit my translation website.