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Services for Universities

I offer these and other services to universities:

  • Formatting Templates for Dissertations and Theses in Word 2003/2007/2010/2013 and MacWord 2008/2011. All templates are personalized for your university's or college's formatting requirements. Templates can drastically reduce the staff time needed to correct student formatting errors.
  • Dissertation formatting trainings for staff and students.
  • Editing workshops for students and staff.
  • Editing and critiques of university formatting guidelines. I have yet to come across a school's guide that is entirely internally consistent and clear. Improving your institution's guide will save staff time in correcting student errors.
  • Creating webinars or web-based tutorials on dissertation and thesis formatting and writing for students.
  • Providing ongoing support for student formatting concerns and questions.

Please e-mail me or call (856-831-5887) with your project needs, and I will create a personalized project proposal and quote for your institution.